SLIQUE Premium Borosilicate Glass French Coffee 1000ml

SLIQUE Premium Borosilicate Glass French Coffee 1000ml


Slique Coffee Press maker made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass. The borosilicate glass body has been optimized to be thicker for everyday free use and a stainless-steel screen filter to capture the smallest particle grounds in your cup of coffee. 


  • Large enough for brewing 3-4 cups, it's the perfect kitchen accessory for hosting guests or brewing up a custom cup of loose-leaf tea. 
  • Rust-free infuser: A removable stainless filter infuser is rust-free and allows you to steep any type of loose coffee grounds and coffee to any desired strength. 
  • Spill-Free Lid: A well-designed stainless steel lid locks into place  and ensures water doesn't leak out of your coffee maker
  • Features:
  • Borosilicate heat-resistant glass.
  • Can hold up to 200 c temperature
  • PP heat-resistant handle
  • Care and Use
  • For a quick clean add a few drops of liquid dish soap to the coffee press with some water, then plunge the plunger up and down until it gets nice and bubbly.
  • Dig out the grounds with your hands or a spatula (no metal spoons here - you risk breaking the glass)
  • 300ml|0.3L 
  • 800ml|0.8L
  • 1000ml|1L
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