Taking the High Road: Unveiling Quencha's Billboards

Quencha Billboards in Taguig City and Muntinlupa City

With the mid-week holiday coming in, will you be going out of the Metro to get your well-deserved break? Well, don’t forget to look up, and look out for the Quencha billboards on your way! 

Billboards? Yes! Billboards! We have 1 on your way to Alabang through East Service Road and Skyway, plus 1 more on your way to Makati C5 through SLEX and Skyway. Our very first set of billboards are now shining bright in the heart of the city! 🎉 That's right, we've officially made our mark on the skyline, and we couldn't be more thrilled to share our products with the world.


For Quencha, the unveiling of the billboard was a significant moment in our journey as a brand. It represented a new chapter in our story, a chapter that was all about reaching more people and sharing our products in a different way – the billboard was also a reflection of Quencha's commitment to quality and innovation. It is a statement of intent, a bold declaration that Quencha is here to stay and simplify everyone’s daily routine, all while prioritizing sustainability – safeguarding the health of our planet not only for ourselves but also for the generations to come.

Help us spread the word by snapping a photo with our billboard and sharing it on social media using the hashtag #QuenchaMoments. Let's create a ripple effect of positivity and refreshment that extends far beyond the city limits. Together, we can make every moment a Quencha moment! 

This is just the start of our Quencha journey, and we're excited to continue sharing our sustainable options for you in the market. Make the switch to Quencha now!